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My will be done?

Right and wrong.


As we become older; we are often alone a great deal of the time.
Items of interest

Items of interest

"Bible studies are not just for homes and churches anymore.
The contention that is found these days in lives and in nations has a gridlocking effect on peaceful progress. But there is recourse to spiritual solutions that will help free up traffic.

From anger to peace of mind

One good way to help yourself, and everyone else, through times of frustration and anger is to strive for the humble state of thought Jesus exemplified.
When the writers felt passionate about an issue at work that directly related to her responsibilities, prayer an unexpected message: "Forgo your Opinions."

When opposites attract

I HAD TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING the male-female relationship.


Shortly before Ginny and I met, I came to California to take a course in Christian Science that was part of the spiritual preparation for my work as a chaplain.

A hymn at the mosque

A simple exchange of love across two different cultures brings comfort on a rainy day of mourning.

Sweet surrender

The prayer that gets you from "I want to do it myself" to "Thy will be done" is sometimes a struggle, but always a blessing.
The next in our continuing series on what Church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
NO, I DON'T MEAN French, Italian, or Spanish.
SPIRITUAL focus on film
When writers adapt a book for the big screen, it's inherently impossible for the screen version not to become a new work altogether.
Beauty is often found in the most unexpected places.
Testimony of Healing

A sentence from Science and Health gave me the confidence that healing would come.

Testimony of Healing
Growing up, I attended a Christian Science Sunday School but I always relied on medical means to address my health concerns.
Testimony of Healing
'In order to apprehend more, we must put into practice what we already know".
Learn more about the ideas in Science and Health and how they can help you be who you want to be, improve the world around you, and find deeper meaning in life.
FROM THE editors
A recent episode of The West Wing, the popular American television series about presidential politics, posed an intriguing solution to ideological gridlock in Washington.

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