There's a PLACE for you

A CASUAL STUDY OF ASTRONOMY revealed to me something awesome that's taking place in the universe. At this moment, galaxies are passing right through one another. But what's really amazing is that because of the vastness of space, stars and planets in those galaxies aren't colliding as this occurs.Neil deGrasse Tyson, My Favorite Universe, Chantilly, Virginia, The Teaching Company, 2003, p. 22.

If you're struggling to find work in a tight job market, you might say it would be great if the same were true when it comes to jobs–plenty of room, and a right place for everyone to be productive in. Actually, though, it is true. There are answers of peace to be found in God's universal law of placement for everyone. If He takes good care of His stars, why wouldn't He take good care of us, His children, too? When you rely on Him, you find your place.

I can be happy wherever God leads me
April 5, 2004

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