Jesus' triumph—and its fulfillment

'He Is Risen " (Matt. 28:6). The Easter message—what good news that was for Jesus' disciples then, and is for all humanity today!

That Jesus triumphed over death and the grave after the crucifixion—and that he did so through steadfast fidelity to his own teachings—has been a guiding light to me for many years. During recent weeks, since the release of Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ, this knowledge has helped me focus my attention on how Jesus conquered hate, brutality, and death, rather than on the suffering he went through in the process. It seemed to me that Jesus would want people then and now to learn important lessons from his triumph, so that they also would be able to prove the truth of what he taught.

For example, before Jesus' disciples received news of his resurrection, they were bewildered with sadness over his terrible death. The hope his beautiful life, teachings, and works had inspired in them seemed totally crushed. But after they saw Jesus alive again, triumphant over death, they began to see things in a whole new light.

A desire in my heart
April 5, 2004

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