Is there no sacrificial atonement?

The following is a selection from a work by Mary Baker Eddy that was first titled "Defence of Christian Science" and published in the March 1885 issue of The Christian Science Journal. Mrs. Eddy later revised and expanded the work, until it was at length published in pamphlet form in 1892, under the title No and Yes. It is available at Christian Science Reading Rooms.

Self-sacrifice is the highway to heaven. The sacrifice of our blessed Lord is undeniable, and it was a million times greater than the brief agony of the cross; for that would have been insufficient to insure the glory his sacrifice brought and the good it wrought. The spilling of human blood was inadequate to represent the blood of Christ, the outpouring love that sustains man's at-one-ment with God; though shedding human blood brought to light the efficacy of divine Life and Love and its power over death. Jesus' sacrifice stands preeminently amidst physical suffering and human woe. The glory of human life is in overcoming sickness, sin, and death. Jesus suffered for all mortals to bring in this glory; and his purpose was to show them that the way out of the flesh, out of the delusion of all human error, must be through the baptism of suffering, leading up to health, harmony, and heaven.

Jesus, religion and American culture
March 22, 2004

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