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WHEN I WAS A KID growing up in the Baptist Sunday School and was learning about Jesus, I used to think of him as a pretty cool guy.


The February 2 issue ["courage from God"] so beautifully brought out the need for and importance of spiritual courage.
items of interest

items of interest

"AN IRAQI PROVERB has it that in Cairo they write books, in Beirut they print them, and in Baghdad they read them.
This viewer was prompted to think deeply about the meaning of Jesus' atonement.
When this writer went to see Mel Gibson's controversial movie, it brought her to a moment of grace and a place of new spiritual insight.

Searching for Christ's impact today

As people everywhere look to find their connection with a knowable God, the Christ-message that Jesus brought offers solid, profound answers.

How Christ is alive in my life

By Marta Greenwood
An explanation of a major theological question, written by the woman who discovered Christian Science.

Jesus, religion and American culture

Excerpts from a panel discussion on faith and Christianity, featuring current authors Stephen Prothero and Alan Wolfe.
The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.

Spiritual archaeologists

"Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

'To triumph in Christ'

Whatever anyone thinks about the film The Passion of the Christ, it has catapulted the story of all stories, about the King of all kings, to the front of our attention.
Testimony of Healing

Since then, both the Science of mental healing, and the relationship between thought and body, have become clearer to me.

Testimony of Healing

Healing of groin condition

For six years, I had a painful groin condition.
Testimony of Healing

The Bible speaks to us

Originally published in Le Héraut de la Christian Science
FROM THE editors
As Mel Gibson's film graphically portrays, the world was anything but kind to its Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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