Hold the fries

Americans live in a Supersize culture—big cars, big houses, and big people—the last brought on by a diet of junk food and Big Macs. That's the premise of Morgan Spurlock's award-winning documentary Supersize Me, which has just come out on DVD. As Spurlock cogently shows, the United States is increasingly becoming a fast-food nation. And statistics indicate that the rest of the industrialized world is not far behind.

Spurlock's movie documents his 30-day odyssey traveling around the US, eating three meals a day—only at McDonald's. Big Macs, Supersize fries, milk shakes, and even the occasional salad. Only what is on the menu. Concurrently, Spurlock's medical/nutrition team closely charts his alarmingly fast-deteriorating health. In the first 12 days, Spurlock gains 17 pounds—and ultimately gains more than 22 pounds. His liver becomes damaged, in much the same way as binge drinking affects an alcoholic, and his cholesterol and other markers all rise to dangerously extreme levels.

Through a spiritual lens
October 4, 2004

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