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How do you define healing?


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items of interest

items of interest

"A GROUNDBREAKING SERIES OF EXPERIMENTS at the University of California, Davis, suggests that counting your blessings leads to improved physical and mental functioning.
Persistent pain and disease cannot defy the power of prayer, which heals you physically by transforming you mentally.
One day on her lunch hour, while suffering from several chronic and acute physical conditions, the author started down the path to complete physical freedom.

Diving— to new heights

When an outbreak of mononucleosis threatened to keep her lying in bed and out of the competition, a Big Ten college diving contender chose to rely on God for help, and emerged stronger for having done it.

College . . . then what

Do you ever feel totally unsure about which way to go with your education and/or career? Maybe it's time to look in a different direction.
Rev. Les Isaac's qualifications for becoming a street pastor are key to his success: Have a compassionate heart and ask how you can help.

Feeling at home in our home

Right where the clash of cultures brings constant anxiety and alienation, a spiritual approach can bring lasting solutions.
Far from being solitary and theoretical, the prayer that helps us help others is interactice and result-oriented.

About in-laws

ONE OF MY FAVORITE TREATS while I was studying at the University of Bologna in Northern Italy was lingue di suocera a delightfully tender biscuit with a hint of vanilla, half-dipped in dark chocolate.

Stay out of the rough

This is the story of two former golfing buddies; let's call them Harry and Ned.
Testimony of Healing

Because good is omni-act ion, it was the only action going on in my life.

Testimony of Healing

Security found in God

In 1992, riots broke out in our city.
Testimony of Healing

Years of suffering left behind

To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.
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Millions of Africans know Jesus' parable of "the good Samaritan," that familiar story of a traveler who aids a man who's been wounded, robbed, and left to die.

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