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A special kind of grace

Everyone knows someone who exhibits grace.


I have to say that the May 19 issue ["Can I learn to heal?
items of interest

items of interest

"Some Women Want A Deeper Role in their faith communities but face obstacles—the so-called 'stained-glass ceiling.

God, grace, and you

The polishing process in thought often translates into the need to yield to a simple acceptance of God's grace, His favor, and His friendship.

We don't have to do anything to deserve the love of God. But through it, there sure is a lot we can do to help ourselves and others.

Enlightened shades of grace

Sometimes divine grace is at work in human lives in ways we only fully appreciate in retrospect.

The enemy within

I went to Berlinto see what Lovewould show me, and myown walls came tumbling down.

NEWS break

After she noticed the crawl at the bottom of the TV screen becoming a mesmeric time-gobbler, the author found prayer leading her to a place where she could respond effectively to tragic events.
Frustrated by a depressed job market and work he considered menial, this young graduate found the path to advancement beginning with gratitude for what already was.

Loving the prodigal

God, our Father-Mother, is never separated from us. He is always with us, even if we think we can run away from Him.

Poised to play well

A Quick Online Search of Yahoo! or Google suggests that there's a relationship between poise and excellent athletic performance.

The Way Home—from Seoul and back again

Over the years, movie heroes have come in all shapes and sizes.

Finding graciousness in airports

Airports Throughout The World are settings for daily human contacts that often provoke friction.
Testimony of Healing

I could see that God was all Life, my life, and that everything about me was the "showing forth" of divine life.

Testimony of Healing
During my childhood, I began having recurring headaches.
Testimony of Healing

Numerous blessings

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't found out about Christian Science.

John didn't have to leave this earth to see and feel the infinite goodness and beauty of the "new Jerusalem."

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