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We were talking about economic and cultural development in Roxbury, a Boston neighborhood known for its ethnic diversity and full gospel churches.


Thank you so much for the Sentinel of March 4, which focused on the changing role of church in this new century.
Items of Interest

Items of interest

"[According to the Rev.

Journey to finding God

Desperate to escape feelings of futility and suicide, a woman feels the power of prayer for the first time, and sets off down the road of purposeful living.

'Church . . . is found'

Much more than a building to go to on Sunday morning, Church is a living power that unites and heals us.

God calls. Who responds?

People who feel impelled to help the world spiritually have more in common with Biblical prophets and missionaries than they may realize.

For love of Jerusalem

Thoughts from a former Red Cross worker on how we can be sure that our prayers for peace are really of value.
The Changing Face of Church

'God is great'

Next in our feature "The Changing Face of Church," we look at a pan-African organization that works to unite a populous and diverse continent.
Spiritual Perspective on Books

Welcome to the new world

When I was a little girl, I opened Life Magazine to see a picture of my dashingly handsome Uncle Vic in an advertisement for families to attend church.

100 years ago

Gathering news stories with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of a century ago carried.
In anticipation of the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity later this year, the Sentinel regularly prints excerpts from the collections of previously unpublished writings.
Sentinel Watch

Sailing with Paul

We're all familiar with cartoon pictures of a shipwrecked mariner casting a bottle into the ocean with his plea for help.
Testimony of Healing

'The idea came to me to stop comparing myself with others and thinking there was anything ever lacking in anyone—including me.'

Testimony of Healing
From the time I first started menstruating, I was unhappy about the whole idea of it.

If someone like Paul were to write a letter to the churches today—in the vein of the ones the apostle wrote 2,000 years ago—what would he or she say?

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