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The renewal of trust

ONE SATURDAY in the grocery store, I noticed a little girl with a big smile on her face.


I am 9 years old, and I want you to know how much I enjoyed the Kids' Sentinel.
Items of interest

Items of interest

Excerpts from interview with Dr.

Can trust in God be restored?

Being left alone, vulnerable and unsupported—that was the author's own worst fear, until she saw the unmistakable signs of an "amazing grace" right in front of her.
Aware that her daughter and granddaughter are caught up in a dangerous domestic situation that threatens their safety, a concerned mother finds a way to be of significant help through her own prayer and confidence in God's power.

A spiritual approach to conflict mediation

When you're looking for God's answer in a dispute, be it domestic or global in scale, you're looking in the one place where all sides can feel at home.

Taming the wild 'what-ifs'

My bold parenting philosophy started to melt under my heated imagination: What was I thinking?


Maria of Cartegena

Two young women, one on the run from God and the other reaching out for Him, together find His help right in their midst.
Think about the implications of the fact that the Arabs and the Israelis are both worshiping the same Deity.
The story of a life transformed spiritually.

'I thanked God for His timing'

Read this if you're wondering how you can possibly get everything on your calendar accomplished in time.

The Way We Live Now

CREDIT BBC and PBS with good timing.

---- 100 years ago

Excerpts from what the Sentinel was publishing a century ago
Testimony of Healing

'I felt that I was facing the ultimate decision of whether to rely on the spiritual method of healing I'd used successfully all my life.'

Testimony of Healing

Business trusted to God

Many years ago I worked for the first exporter of steel products in Argentina.
Testimony of Healing

Healed overnight

I've seen proof many times that God is a constant help in my life.

Filling the gaps

My grandfather taught us many things.

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