Laws for escaping from prison

Spirituality has become a very practical help to me. I have discovered that it isn't some theoretical philosophy, but that real spirituality involves learning about the laws of God. These laws, when applied to ordinary—and even extraordinary—problems, always produce harmony.

When talking about spiritual laws, I like to use the analogy of how rules govern music. When you understand that music doesn't just operate in a vacuum, and that you must employ the structure and principles of harmony, you can use those principles to compose or play music in your own original, creative—and harmonious—style. The spiritual laws of God operate in a similar way. And just as the principles of musical harmony never end and are always in effect, so, too, the laws of God are eternal and always in effect. We have to understand that these laws exist for our benefit and put them into effect in our lives in order to bring solutions to our problems.

The search for better healing
March 11, 2002

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