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THE OTHER MORNING I heard a radio talk show host say that it might be a good idea if all the Muslim cab drivers in Manhattan were deported.


Just about every week, as I read the Sentinel, I feel so grateful for the love and the vision that produce each issue.
items of interest

items of interest

RESEARCHERS ANNOUNCED that the discovery of an ossuary—a limestone box used to keep the bones of a deceased person—may be the first physical evidence linked to Jesus of Nazareth.

The family of Abraham

A man who lived almost 4,000 years ago takes on a compelling role as a unifying figure in one of the world's most fractious and troubled regions.
Jesus' well-known parable about forgiveness proves more meaningful and moving than ever through the power of art.
Drawing people from a far-ranging selection of faiths, groups that meet to share the inspiration of Scripture satisfy a basic spiritual hunger.

6 stories of protection in times of danger

From Africa, India, the US, Indonesia, and Russia, reports of how people have prayed—and are praying—about fear and terrorism.
The head of one of America's largest fast-food chains explains his priorities: God first, other people second. And, he says, with that approach, the business takes care of itself.

Angels on the ski slope

Anyone can learn to listen to angels—messages from God. They can completely transform a situation. They can heal you.
When I lived in Brazil, years ago, my father came home one day so happy that he was crying.
Testimony of Healing

I must see the beauty of God's creation in everyone because that picture is the truth about God's creation.

Testimony of Healing

A new job, at my age?

I was living about three-quarters of an hour by public transportation from my workplace.
Testimony of Healing
Raising children has given me ample opportunities to practice the teachings of Christian Science.

The power of Scripture to evolve spiritual and social change has continued throughout the ages. Slow, and sometimes uncertain, but nonetheless progress.

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