A family business vs. a corporate behemoth—can it be a win-win outcome?

STORIES OF CORPORATE FRAUD, CEOs who take the money and run, and overly aggressive competition, have shaken the confidence of both workers and investers. But these conditions are also furnishing opportunities to demand of business a higher standard of conduct and accountability—opportunities that, if acted on, will establish business on firmer ground and help steady our individual and collective economic progress.

As small business owners, we've based our motives and actions on spiritual principles, and have tried to stay with those principles even in the midst of economic turmoil. We believe that these principles come from the divine Principle, from God. Something that happened to us several years ago showed us that there are spiritual laws—laws of God—that, when understood and practiced, will both protect one against being victimized by others' wrong-doing and produce beneficial ripple effects in the larger economy.

To help stop acts of terrorism
November 4, 2002

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