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To Our Readers

It was like an old-time movie running at high speed.


As the gun-control debate and the presidential election heat up, we can expect to see "planted" stories in various media; I sincerely hope "The day I sold my gun".
items of interest

items of interest

"People are living more in their emotions and in their interior life as they have withdrawn a bit from the public religious identity," said sociologist Wade Clark Roof at a symposium entitled "The Church in the Third Millennium.

Young people speak out on community

They're out in record numbers, building low-income housing, teaching people to read, protecting the rain forests—in short, improving their local and global communities through prayer, persistence, and lots of hard work. Hear from five young people who are making a difference in our world.

Living at Number 23

Wanted: tenants to live in beautiful surroundings where there's no shortage of anything you need and no friction with your neighbors.
The Lord is my shepherd;I shall not want.

An Olympic hopeful's thoughts on prayer

Ricky Bower, 1999 World Champion snowboarder, shares the secret to his success on the slopes.

Get a grip!

If coping with homesickness is on your to-do list, here's a way to be done with it.
Korean architect and planner YoungHoon Kwaak sees the Olympics as a model for world peace.
Responding to tragedy's cry

I needed answers

This author used to think Sunday mornings were perfect for sleeping late, until she started facing some tough questions. At that point, she needed answers more than she needed sleep.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals painful foot

The healing, which took place over fourteen years ago, has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing

By the end of the flight, the baby was healed.

Testimony of Healing

Listening to God heals child

When I saw that I was susceptible only to good, I was healed.

Testimony of Healing

My real job was to realize God's absolute goodness.


Whose project is this anyway?

Throughout the ups and downs, I lived with the conviction that God alone was in charge of every aspect of the project.

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Spiritual ideals and athletics

Excellence means breaking through limits.

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