Prayer brings peace and protection during wartime

Even though most of my childhood was spent at a church-oriented boarding school, I had a very skeptical view of church and God. I left school feeling that God, as I'd seen Him portrayed, just didn't make sense. A year or so later, a girlfriend one day cut her foot. Although she was happy to have the wound cleaned and covered, she declined to have it treated medically. When I questioned her about her actions, she told me that she attended a Christian Science Sunday School and that she preferred to rely on spiritual means alone for treatment. Following an hour or two of questions and answers with her on the subject, I thought that this religion sounded fair enough, but I still felt that I had no need for religion in my life.

A couple of years later, however, I was conscripted into the Army, trained as an infantry officer, and sent to Vietnam. Although my military training was thorough, within a few months the weight of responsibility for the thirty men that I commanded, the patrols and operations that we undertook, the casualties we had, and so forth, started to weigh on me heavily. At times I felt overwhelmed. I began to see that my own capabilities were limited after all, and it was at those times that I would take out a small book, a copy of Science and Health that my girl friend had given me, and read. Today, I cannot remember anything specific that I read, but I do remember that every time, within half an hour or so, the feeling of burden would lift. I would get up completely refreshed, burden-free, and keen to get on with the task at hand. I recognised that this "funny" religion had substance.

Migraine headaches healed
July 31, 2000

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