Lumps in breast and on eyelid healed through spiritual renewal

A few years ago, my life seemed to be full of problems—both physically and mentally. I had discovered a lump in my breast, a lump appeared on my eyelid, and a skin lesion appeared on my nose. Compounding all of this was a growing sense of misunderstanding and disappointment between my husband and me as we reexamined a long-held dream of building a new house on a lovely acreage we owned.

I prayed about my physical difficulties, but only sporadically and without much inspiration. I agreed to give up our plans for the house and sell the property because I could see the wisdom in doing so; but without realizing it, I did so with an air of martyrdom. I felt sad about our changed prospects and even a little resentful that we hadn't persevered in pursuing the old dreams. While I was stewing over these personal trials, I began to study the chapter titled "Animal Magnetism Unmasked" in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This study was inspiring and invigorating, and it was the beginning of healing. I began to see more clearly that any discord, disease, or dissatisfaction was without reality or power, because God, who is good, is All.

Testimony of Healing
Loss of hearing healed
June 26, 2000

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