"... when the last page turned, I felt so very close to our tender, divine Parent."

Many thanks for the article on racism, which is so timely and helpful ("Each of us is God's child," February 7). The author's reference to "habits of thought" struck me particularly. The subtle influence of the mental atmosphere in which we are brought up seems to be one of the most important factors in how we consider our brothers and sisters. We often react unconsciously and in a negative manner to what we perceive as a significant difference, whether it be nationality, religion, race, political affiliation, skin color, education.

In praying about my own "habits of thought," I saw that at times I have perceived the difference as a deficit—unconsciously believing that one of God's children could lack some element of his or her God-given perfection. It became clear that in perceiving everyone as divine Love's beautiful and complete idea, what appears to be a negative difference is in reality a wealth of positive qualities. When we let the Christ govern our perceptions, much good results from encounters with God's children, and we are all greatly enriched.

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items of interest
March 20, 2000

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