Years of healings for mother and son

About twenty years ago I finished college and continued my search for some peace in my life. I visited a Church of Christ, Scientist, without knowing anything about the religion. After reading the inscriptions on the church walls and hearing "A Rule for Motives and Acts" (see Mary Baker Eddy, Manual of The Mother Church, Art. VIII, Sect. 1), I knew this was what I was looking for. Many healings followed, including immediate freedom from smoking and from panic attacks. Within six months I was healed of plantar warts that had made walking difficult and had spread to my hands. All the warts fell off and were replaced with new skin without a mark or scar. The turning point in this healing came after a couple weeks of prayer when I told the Christian Science practitioner that a friend told me that the only way to remove these warts was by surgery. The practitioner quickly told me that the real "me" never heard that. God's man can never really hear anything that is not true. From this comment I felt an enormous leap in my understanding of man's spiritual nature, and the healing was immediate.

My son attended the Sunday School until he was about eighteen years old. We relied only on Christian Science for his well-being, and he had many healings of childhood illnesses, including strep throat and a broken arm. I cannot recall his ever having a cold.

Testimony of Healing
Chronic illness healed
January 3, 2000

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