Recently I watched a cartoon movie called Anastasia. In one scene, the main character, Anastasia, is on her way to Paris when an evil villain hypnotizes her. He makes her believe that she is in a beautiful field with a pond where nice people frolic in the water and call to her to jump in. She doesn't realize that she is standing on the edge of a ship looking down into a stormy sea. The nice people who are calling her to jump in are not even there. But not to worry; her rescue is on the way. A young man pulls her away from the edge and awakens her from the dream.

At the time I watched the film, I had a pain in one of my shoulders. But this movie scene reminded me that feeling pain or being sick is the same as being hypnotized—it may look and feel real, but it isn't truly happening to us. By "to us" I mean to the man that God, good, creates. That's who you and I really are, God's children. God gives us qualities such as health, peace, and happiness, and they are ours to express forever. They can't be taken away from us.

Testimony of Healing
Years of healings for mother and son
January 3, 2000

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