Breaking through the storm clouds of disagreement

Like flying, prayer lifts thought to the light.

One very Gray December day I felt challenged on many fronts. Disagreements at home and among people in the community were getting me down. Looking for a change in perspective, I went to the local airport, got my flying club's airplane out of the hangar, and taxied it to the grass runway. As I took off and the airplane climbed slowly away from the earth, I looked down on frozen farms and woods blanketed in snow. Circling and climbing toward the low overcast, I watched the farms and homes beneath become miniatures. As they got smaller, so did my concerns. I felt serenity rising along with the airplane, but I was almost up against the dark ceiling of clouds.

Flying toward a bright spot, I saw shafts of sunlight coming through the clouds, making ice crystals in the air glitter like diamonds. Here was the promise of a beauty I couldn't fully see—an opening in the clouds. Circling and climbing through the hole, I was suddenly in brilliant, full sunlight, surrounded by a carpet of white, billowy cloud-tops. Above and all around was uninterrupted blue sky. The sun had been shining on my day all along. I just hadn't seen it. Those glittering diamonds led me to find and see the sunshine. My whole outlook changed as well. I could go back and face all the challenges with peace and assurance.

God's care—you can count on it
February 2, 1998

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