Fearless flight

After two troubling airline crashes, a number of associates and strangers asked me, Is it safe to fly? They seemed to feel that I, as a recently retired airline pilot, might be able to provide some comfort to alleviate their concern.

The airline industry in the United States estimates that over twenty-five million Americans would prefer not to fly on commercial aircraft. Some people have never flown and don't know what to expect; others have to fly regularly but are extremely uneasy about the experience. I have at times been involved with efforts to help people overcome their fear of flying and have participated in clinics where I was able to explain the facts of flight, how aircraft are maintained, the role of flight attendants and the air-traffic-control system, weather factors, and the safety record. Understanding the facts about flying can help. But there is something more we can do to overcome fear as we approach a scheduled flight. That is to continue to learn more about God's nature and His protective love for everyone.

Harmless mosquitoes
June 23, 1997

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