Radio and television commercials, magazine advertisements, billboards...

Radio and television commercials, magazine advertisements, billboards—we're surrounded by the viewpoint that our bodies govern us and that, at best (With the help of pills, machines, certain foods, and exercise) We can temporarily manipulate the flesh into doing our bidding. This perspective was driven home when a member of the staff brought in an insert from her local newspaper. The front was plastered with images of food—pizza, cookies, hot dogs, ice cream, potato chips, hamburgers, french fries, and the like. Inside was a sample dose of medication for indigestion. That people eat to excess was assumed. That food can harm us was a given.

There's another viewpoint, though, a spiritual perspective. In "'Masters of the body,'" the author presents specific spiritual ideas that counteract the notion that food necessarily affects our life. This article challenges us to consider that we can actually control our bodies through the exercise of true self-denial and an understanding of man's identity as the child of God. "Perfection and physical healing" extends this discussion through an explanation of our God-given control sickness and injury.

"Masters of the body"
April 21, 1997

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