Recently while changing the display in our Christian Science...

Recently while changing the display in our Christian Science Reading Room window, I was feeling so grateful for the blessings I have had through studying Christian Science all my life.

With these thoughts in mind I was reminded of an experience we had when our older son went out into his dad's workshop one evening to say goodnight before going to bed. He had a stool to step onto so he could watch what his dad was doing on the workbench. As the child climbed up this evening, he grabbed the edge of the workbench to help him step up on the stool and he grabbed onto a hot soldering iron. I immediately released his hand and carried him outside. Still holding him and comforting him, I walked up and down our driveway in the dark, declaring the truth that God created this little chap perfect, whole, and that nothing could be added to or taken away from him, as all that God created is good. No harm can exist in God's loving care, and I knew our son could never be separated from God. As soon as I realized that truth, all fear was conquered concerning possible results from this accident. The child was ready to go to bed, so I entered the house and checked his hand for any care or cleansing that might be necessary. I was grateful for the words of Mrs. Eddy "But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?" (Science and Health, p. 563). All was well. The next morning when our son opened his hand some dead skin fell off and there was no trace of injury.

April 8, 1996

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