Moving beyond the limits of age

When my husband and I moved to a new city, the only people we knew there were two close friends of my parents. One day, the wife of this couple accompanied my husband on an apartment-hunting expedition. In one building, the manager asked my husband, "Would you and your wife like to see an apartment?" Our friend could easily have been my husband's mother. Later we all laughed about the unknowing compliment the manager had given her. But that experience pointed up something I have noticed on a continuing basis about this friend. She is youthful in face and stature, with a light step and energy, exhibiting a mental quickness and perception that have grown, rather than diminished, with the passage of time.

It began to dawn on me that this wasn't just luck or a consequence of inheriting "good genes," but was directly related to her willingness as a student of Christian Science to identify herself as God's spiritual child and let go of false character traits. I asked her about her approach to the problem of aging. She said that Christian Science has taught her not to drift along with the general current of thought. She is careful to place her study of Christian Science first on her daily agenda. But far from being a burden, the study, daily striving, and endeavor to develop new skills and interests are—for her—fun!

Put your trust in God
August 1, 1994

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