Finding safety from harm

Learning something of your direct relationship to God can go a long way in dissolving fear and proving His care.

A while back someone said to me, "Sometimes I lie awake at night and worry about what I would do if someone broke into our house and attacked me." It's not unusual for people today to feel this kind of concern.

But it isn't only crime or bodily harm that worries people. Employees sometimes fear that a supervisor might arbitrarily fire them. Couples may worry that their in-laws or an ex-spouse or a difficult neighbor will disrupt the happiness of their home and family life. Or a person may fear that someone's ill will toward him will have a negative effect.

Yet, in spite of such worries and fears, most people would say that they do believe in God. You might wonder, What does believing in God have to do with worrying that other people may harm you in some way? Well, depending on what kind of God you believe in, it could have a lot to do with it.

May 31, 1993

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