Humility in a berry patch

Meekly turning to God is the first step in solving problems.

Each year when raspberry season rolls around, I look forward eagerly to harvesting this succulent fruit. Because of dense foliage, however, the berries are somewhat elusive; and the most successful way to find them, I've discovered, is to get down on my knees and look up! That's also a helpful mental outlook worth cultivating.

When assailed by problems whose solution seems to elude us, it's a good time mentally to get down on our knees and look up. That is, it's time to exercise more humility and to turn wholeheartedly to God, divine Mind, for the solution we need. Humanly outlined solutions are often willful, usually self-centered, and generally limited in nature. A willingness to turn to God for answers, however, opens the door to possibilities unseen by a narrow, human viewpoint. It reveals a radically different view—a higher, spiritual understanding of man's relationship to God. And this spiritual understanding brings healing.

October 11, 1993

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