A new view of the wilderness

God's love and unopposable power are always present to be discerned and proved.

In many places throughout the world today, wilderness areas are being registered as protected national parks. Some of these have amenities to enable people to explore the wonders of their natural environment. Travelers often go to these parks for a break in order to escape from overcrowded cities or from stress. This certainly differs from the time when a wilderness was thought of only as an unfriendly, perhaps dangerous place. It is encouraging to see this different view of a wilderness, to see areas of natural wonder and beauty being cherished rather than feared and avoided.

There's another kind of wilderness, though, that's not at all pleasant. Some feel they're in the middle of it no matter where they happen to be. It's a mental wilderness of isolation, bewilderment, fear. Is there a way out? Yes, there is. It's found through a perception that God is the actual source of man's life, the only creator; that, as omnipresent Love, He cares for man's every need. When we glimpse the spiritual fact that divine Love is a powerful, living presence, forever providing for its image, man, fears begin to recede and then dissolve.

Spiritual light on genetics
July 6, 1992

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