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From the Editors
During the riots in Los Angeles two months ago, one tearful girl screamed at the television camera, "The world is saying that people of my race are not worth anything—that we're not human.

Worth "duodecillions"

Is self-worth found outside of ourselves—in popularity, money, career? Actually God is the source of our value, and we can discover it through prayer.

God gives us wisdom

The intelligence of divine Mind is infinite and available to everyone.

Letters from the Youth Meetings

Thousands of young people have attended youth meetings sponsored by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, over the last four years.
Could success in a job be defined by the degree to which we let God's light shine in us? This spiritual light is what gives a job real meaning.

No mistakes

No matterhow manymistakesyou madetoday,tomorrowis alwaysnew, pure,clean, andbright,and God willlead youin the right path.
Are we all alone in the world with our only companions being doubt, bewilderment, and fear? As we learn of our inseparability from God as His sons and daughters, feelings of alienation dissolve.

Spiritual light on genetics

Bea Roegge: Welcome to The Herald of Christian Science.

New appointment

We are pleased to announce that Harry Schiering of Atlanta, Georgia, has been appointed a Trustee of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Neither boomer nor buster

Demographic labels may help marketers, but divine Mind defines our opportunities in life.
If you think you don't believe in any kinds of ghosts, think again.

Can rain come from the sun?

Original in German
Testimony of Healing
Three days before the Northwest Regional Youth Meeting in October 1991, I had several severe physical problems.
Testimony of Healing
My parents began their study of Christian Science when I was two, after a dramatic healing of my sister.
Testimony of Healing

My son and I have been very grateful for the spiritual truths...

My son and I have been very grateful for the spiritual truths we have learned in Christian Science throughout the years.
Testimony of Healing
Our family's first healing in Christian Science was a wonderment to us.

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