Diversity and unity

Diversity is something we appreciate more and more as we see creation from a spiritual standpoint.

I Love Europe—its individual countries, its languages, traditions, lifestyles, its rich heritage and promising future. I appreciate diversity, and I find it every day in encounters with other cultures, whether I'm visiting the playground with our three-year-old or shopping in the supermarket or teaching at the university. We have friends who are Italian, French, Swiss, Austrian, Luxembourgian, Dutch, English—also Japanese and American. My family from my mother's side were originally French Huguenots who fled from France to Germany because of their Protestant faith. Part of my husband's family is of Dutch origin.

Diversity has never presented any threat to me but has greatly benefited my life. I like to see diversity as a hint of the richness of the divine creation. For me, such variety should not be dismissed as separating but instead can be appreciated as unifying, as indicating the indispensable role of each individual identity in God's universe. Not one can be dispensed with. We all are needed.

June 15, 1992

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