Further reading: accounts of healing and protection

In every issue of The Christian Science Journal (monthly) and the Christian Science Sentinel (weekly), accounts of healing and protection through prayer as understood in Christian Science are included. In the last decade many such testimonies have told of healing, guidance, and safety in the midst of war zones or under extremely dangerous conditions. A few of these accounts may be of special interest to readers and subscribers at the present time. The following is a brief listing of these testimonies and where they may be found in the bound volumes of Christian Science periodicals, available at most Christian Science Reading Rooms:

June 1990 (Journal), page 40August 27, 1990 (Sentinel), page 36August 28, 1989, page 35February 6, 1989, page 40October 26, 1987, page 37May 18, 1987, page 39May 1986, page page 299November 1985, page 702October 1985, page 1197September 1981, page 535

Bringing hostilities to an end
February 18, 1991

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