A higher view of life heals

If we stay on the level of the problem we face, things can seem overwhelming. But a God's-eye view shrinks things down to size.

The monorail tour guide excitedly said, "See that giraffe down there in the bottom of the valley?" We strained to see what he was pointing at. There was a giraffe, but it was so far away it looked like a tiny statue. The guide went on: "I am six feet tall, and I can walk under that giraffe without stooping. You can't appreciate the size of these African animals unless you are right next to them."

At this time we were traveling around an outdoor wild-animal farm where there were no cages or moats. The animals were free to roam over several thousand acres. The only fences were at the perimeter of the farm.

National Day of Prayer, 1990
July 30, 1990

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