How can we be "harmless as doves"?

Thought is where action begins. Are we conscious of what we're thinking?

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion," we often hear it said. We can agree with this statement if it means that no one should try to force someone else to agree with him.

On the other hand, human opinions are often on subjects about which there is no final truth, and they're just as likely to be wrong as right. Many times our opinions are about other people: what they might be thinking, what we think they ought to be doing, how wrong they are, how disastrous it will be if things are done their way, and so on. Although the conventional view may be that we're entitled to such opinions (especially if we "keep our opinions to ourselves"), do even silent opinions like these really have a place in the Christian way of life? And, to get to the heart of the issue, are they really harmless?

Our life in the kingdom of heaven is now
June 25, 1990

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