Understanding God brings permanent good

Sometimes the good we thought we wanted doesn't turn out as expected. But if we listen to God, the good that comes into our lives will be more satisfying and permanent.

Have you ever found yourself feeling that the circumstances you thought would be wonderful are not so great after all? Probably this has happened to all of us in one way or another. The job we thought would be a solution comes with more problems; the right home needs more work; our health is inconsistent. Sometimes no matter how hard we work for good things, we find them elusive, unreliable, or not good enough.

These circumstances tend to arise because we are thinking of good in material terms. Since matter is finite by its very nature, it can never be truly sufficient or satisfying. But the actual basis for genuine, permanent good is not material; it is spiritual. And when we are unsure about how to obtain this good, a deeper understanding of God can provide practical answers. Through Christian Science we learn of God and of the permanent spiritual good He is giving each and every one of us right now. This good becomes apparent as we understand that man is spiritual, the immortal idea of God.

November 5, 1990

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