God's man can never disappear

When we are praying about human rights abuses, God's love is a strong and present help.

Human rights, human rights abuses, and the question of who should or should not be granted amnesty are very much in the public thought in many parts of the world. Governments wrestle with the problem of what to do with former torturers living in their midst. Those who have lost loved ones still want answers to the question "Where are they?" The damage that has been done to untold thousands who have "disappeared" and to their still waiting families sometimes seems irreparable.

There are no satisfying human answers, although many people have earnestly looked for peace through reason and through trying to put unreasonable deeds into perspective. In the end, each of us comes to terms with such issues in his or her own way. Some ignore them. Others become enraged by them. Still others strive for healing of the pain and sorrow.

PROGRAM NO. 39 - Our courage comes from God
November 13, 1989

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