Some questions and answers about Christian Science

Irrepressible as the coming of spring is the need to understand one another. We want to know more about our neighbors than what simply meets the eye—especially what's in the heart that impels their lives. It's encouraging to see diplomats and heads of state talking with each other, but often one feels that conversations over backyard fences are as significant, and sometimes more effective, in helping to establish the mutual understanding and light and stability that are so needed today.

In this continuing series, we share a few informal questions and answers that have come up recently over "backyard fences" —in one-to-one conversations, in discussion groups, and through correspondence with many people who want to know what Christian Science is and what it's like to be a student of Christian Science. Of course, the responses given here are not presented as final or definitive. Nor are they the only way any particular inquiry might be responded to. But they do come from the heart, out of actual exchanges between Christian Scientists and their neighbors.

"The beauty of the Lord"
November 28, 1988

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