Discouragement is not legitimate

It can seem a long distance between
where we want to be and where we are
in our spiritual growth. How can
we not be discouraged if
the road seems long and arduous?

Have you ever felt inadequate when training for a new job or studying an unfamiliar academic subject? At first one may feel joy and anticipation at the prospect of advancement and learning new things. But sometimes first attempts at mastering new skills are met with failure and frustration, and discouragement creeps in. Most of us have known such feelings.

In the same way, when the truths of Christian Science first awaken us to man's spiritual possibilities, we feel great joy. But as we realize the immensity of the task of attaining genuine spiritual understanding, we stand humbled. Yet this very response may prove to be the humility that turns us to the embrace of divine Love, where despair of accomplishment dissolves in the strength of God's gentle leading.

March 23, 1987

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