The freedom of spiritual maturity

Life doesn't have to be a roller-coaster ride of emotional and creative ups and downs. Yielding to God can bring stability to our lives and keep us safe from the swings of human temperament.

Most of us like to think we have a certain amount of sensitivity when it comes to aesthetics or visual perception. Or that we can read or discern feeling in a group or friend. But sensitivity can also involve irritability, depression, or excitability. Often motion pictures, books, or cartoons show creative individuals as sensual, negative, disorderly, and volatile. This stereotype is very limiting if we take it into our thinking and play these roles out. What can help those who have positive talents and abilities but are plagued by emotional roller-coastering or temperamental responses?

Christian Science shows the artist, writer, musician, student, performer, scientist, entrepreneur, how to bring human talents under God's control, freeing them from the vulnerabilities supposedly endemic to the creative personality. It does this by showing God, Spirit, to be the one cause of true creation. The man Spirit created must be, is, spiritual, not material. Neither brain nor chemical composition nor heredity determines his character or talent. The real man is one with the divine Mind, God, and reflects Him in every Godlike attribute.

Second Thought
February 16, 1987

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