Drug aftereffects: freedom through reformation

Breaking a drug habit is a first step. Can you also be free of the physical effects of drug abuse?

When Paul, on the little island of Melita, was unharmed by the bite of a poisonous snake, he proved that God has a way to neutralize the effects of poison. Acts 28:1–6 . Paul's experience can be a great comfort to someone who has stopped using drugs—drugs whose chemical elements are widely believed to accumulate in the human system and remain harmful. It can assure people that they too can be healed, and it can point the way to their healing. The God who protected Paul is still here to help those who humbly turn to Him and seek the spiritual regeneration that comes through His Christ.

Christ, or eternal Truth, reveals man to be spiritual. Yet most people believe man is a mortal with a physical, chemical body. Many also believe that drugs are often poisonous and that they do accumulate in the body and harm it—after, perhaps, having given temporary pleasure to the body. But these mortal beliefs are exposed as not valid in the realm of divine Spirit, God.

October 27, 1986

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