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During the hottest days of summer, who doesn't enjoy the prospect of a refreshing swim in a pool, lake, or ocean? The cool water can change a hot, oppressive day into one of sheer delight.

But have you ever noticed something funny that most of us do? Even though we know just how invigorating the water will be, we hesitate getting in. The contrast between the heat of the day and the coolness of the water is so great, we begin to have second thoughts. Will the shock be too great? It's almost as if the water, which we came to for a reprieve from the heat, is repelling us. But with the heat of the sun beating down on our face and shoulders, we finally dive into the water and ahhhhhh!! The day is transformed. Instantly, we feel alive and rejuvenated. Of course the water never was preventing us from diving in. It was our own fear and resistance all along.

Answered prayer
September 2, 1985

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