I was raised in Christian Science and had always...

I was raised in Christian Science and had always followed its teachings. Yet for years I did not take my own stand for the demonstration of this Science. Finally I reached a point in my life when a false sense of separation was being manifested in many ways. At first, I separated myself from the teachings of Christian Science and started drinking. During the same period a painful foot problem developed. A doctor diagnosed the condition as a slight separation of a bone in my foot and said that I would have to wear a foot piece in my shoe to relieve the discomfort. Then around that time I separated from my husband, thinking I'd be happier living on my own.

One morning when I was feeling very depressed and was unable to walk without difficulty, a friend who is a Christian Scientist called me. After I had told her of all my problems she asked why I didn't call a Christian Science practitioner. It seemed I had been getting deeper and deeper into using material and medical means. But when I heard the words, "Christian Science," they sounded so warm and uplifting. My friend mentioned a practitioner, and I was able to find her name listed in The Christian Science Journal. I then called her, and the voice on the other end of the telephone was full of joy.

Testimony of Healing
When I was getting out of the car at church one Sunday, my...
May 6, 1985

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