Indestructible childlikeness, innocent maturity

"All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible,"  Science and Health, p. 514. writes Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health. This, of course, is not a relative statement, but an absolute, scientific one, and it describes the spiritual and only real creation. Reasoning from the basis of this statement, it is possible to conclude that in Spirit, indestructibility and harmlessness are universal and inseparable. The precious qualities inherent in genuine childlikeness, for example, such as humbleness, innocence, purity, trust, obedience, could never actually be separated from the qualities inherent in the harmless maturity that typifies God's man, qualities such as wisdom, power, understanding, consistency. Therefore, in reality, childlikeness is never the gullible or vulnerable state suggested by the material senses. Nor is maturity a crossing over from innocence to treachery and predation.

It is of the greatest importance today, in light of ever-increasing reports of child and animal abuse, that humanity gain a sense of both childlikeness and maturity as expressing divine Mind, Spirit, not as mere states of mortal mind or matter. Only when seen spiritually can childlikeness and maturity be understood to be limitless—simultaneously present and never in conflict anywhere in creation.

Nuclear holocaust: it's not inevitable
March 4, 1985

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