Breaking the shell

A baby chick has all it needs inside its shell. That is its world, and the chick is quite complete for this stage of its experience. It has food and shelter. But as it develops, there comes a time when it outgrows this shell and is impelled to leave it. The chick starts to peck, and the pecking serves to strengthen it. A tiny opening in the shell appears, through which the chick catches a glimpse of a remarkable universe it is seeing for the first time. The chick continues to work until the shell falls away and it stands unconfined in a new world.

Is there a universe right here that we are not aware of? The first chapter of the Bible tells us that God created all and saw everything He had made and called it very good. The Bible also tells us that God is Spirit. Therefore His creation—His universe and man made in His likeness—must be completely spiritual. In Psalms it is written, "The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them." Ps. 89:11.

That is not the way the world around us appears to be. Are we seeing God's universe and man as they really are, or are we blindly accepting a finite view, the view that matter is solid substance and that it is our world? We need to venture into the new-old concept of reality given by the Bible, which Christian Science explains.

The real wonder in life
November 4, 1985

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