Words that have been lived

Have you ever noticed that words that have been lived have a ring of truth, a special power to influence and make themselves remembered?

Such words are at the heart of the appeal of the Bible, acting to strengthen faith and restore the right sense of reality.

Consider the intense vitality of the Psalms, the glow of their spiritual inspiration. The Psalmist reveals the source of and reason for his hope again and again—God. It is a hope dearly paid for in tears shed, dangers overcome, fears subdued. It is a hope ever answered in the sanctuary of prayer. Who can know what wrestlings and victories gave birth to the twenty-third Psalm—those beloved words that comfort in times of trouble and share with us the Psalmist's inspiration. These simple verses speak volumes of God's care and love, so forcefully, yet so succinctly, calming thought with soothing truths.

"Truth communicates itself"
April 23, 1984

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