Not "as the hypocrites"

Christ Jesus had stern words for hypocrisy. He evidently considered quiet, heartfelt sincerity and humility to be essential for his followers. The pride, deception, and ostentation in the religious practices of the Pharisees had no place in the pure religion Jesus taught.

As Christians today, it's important that we continue to follow the Master's direction to be not "as the hypocrites." We need to carefully and consistently measure our own thinking, our worship, and our works according to the highest standards of scientific Christianity. Genuine fidelity to God, honesty in our obedience to His law, a heart free from hypocrisy and guile—all this is evidence of true, spiritual integrity. Such integrity is vital if we are to be effective witnesses in our world to the saving power of Christ, Truth. It is vital to our efforts as Christian healers. And it is vital to working out our own salvation.

You can prove it!
March 12, 1984

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