Genetics—a secular doctrine of predestination

Christianity in general has outgrown the harsher aspects of predestination theology in favor of a more merciful view of the creator, believing that it is God's better purpose that all should be saved. Most Christians would agree that every individual has the right and the opportunity to know God's redeeming grace and to work out his own salvation. No one is damned from the beginning. No one is denied access to the kingdom of heaven merely by reason of his birth.

Yet over the past century a secular model of predestination has, in effect, taken the place of a religious doctrine. The theory of genetics is today widely accepted, and it depicts existence as molded into preordained material patterns and limits by the chromosomal linkups initiated at an individual's conception. But this is no more true about man's real being than is the doctrinal error inherent in a narrow interpretation of predestination theology. Both are false mental concepts that must be corrected metaphysically by an understanding of God as exemplified in the life and healing works of Christ Jesus.

The joy that leads to healing
October 22, 1984

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