The Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by...

The Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, was offered to me many years ago. I feel it came to me in answer to my earnest prayer to know God and to find some sense of security. The book answered my questions so satisfactorily that at once and with no reservations I accepted its teachings, and I have never ceased to love them. It was such a joy to learn that the real man is not a material being, living a precarious life in matter, but is God's spiritual idea, loved and complete. As I have grown in understanding the spiritual truths of being, my life has become full and happy, including a progressive career and very few physical difficulties.

There are, however, two healings I would like to recount. One took place while I was going through a period of consecrated study in Christian Science. For some time I had been troubled with partial deafness. I had had help through prayer from a Christian Science practitioner on and off. The condition would disappear only to return. Then one day I saw very clearly that man is God's obedient child, listening for and hearing nothing but the Father's voice. I also realized that nothing ever obstructs this relationship; nothing can come between God and man.

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October 15, 1984

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