"Did we survey the cost of sublunary joy, we...

"Did we survey the cost of sublunary joy, we then should gladly waken to see it was unreal" (Christian Healing by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 11). How grateful I am to bear living testimony to the Science of Christian healing! Daily I rejoice in a fuller understanding of God's man as birthless, deathless, ageless, beloved.

Mental depression and emotional upheaval accompanied former days. These states of mind were exaggerated by the use of alcohol and marijuana, as well as by a conscious turning away from God. I found myself in a void of materialism. Therapies, philosophies, fortunetelling, eastern religions, and various schools of mental science were shaky supports at best. It seemed that as much as I wanted to live, I wanted to die.

Testimony of Healing
How grateful I am to God for the many blessings received...
October 15, 1984

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