The understanding of God destroys fear

Pipes were clanging in the basement of our remote mountain home. Something had to be done quickly, but what? I was alone and scared. Earlier, when the weather turned cold, I had telephoned my husband in the city for instructions to switch over our bucket-a-day coal furnace (which heated our water in warm weather) to the central heating system. There were valves to be closed and others to be opened before I could build a fire in the major furnace. I thought I had taken all needful steps, but apparently I hadn't. Steam was building up. Explosion seemed imminent unless the steam was released.

I called my husband again and reviewed my procedure with the valves. Visualizing at once the one I had neglected, he said, "You missed the safety valve, the one on top of the highest pipe. Go down and open it." Terrified at the thought, I said, "Go down in that basement? I can't. I'm too scared."

Guided to supply
July 4, 1983

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