Applying the power of God

As a part of a large construction project, workers were building an underground concrete drainage facility at the very edge of the Missouri River. While grading the earth near the structure, a big Caterpillar bulldozer became mired in quicksand. The operator was taken off; the machine slowly began to sink. A second bulldozer bogged down in a rescue attempt. When the project manager was called to the scene by the construction superintendent, the crew was prepared to abandon the sinking machine.

Looking over the situation, the project manager was directed by wisdom and experience to apply power from a point above the machines. He asked that a crane on the project be brought immediately to the site and securely anchored to solid ground near the two machines. In a relatively short time, the tall boom of the crane was extended over the mired equipment, and both bulldozers were lifted out and moved to solid ground.

Precept upon precept
May 9, 1983

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