Attaining "what we most need"

Many find that various needs clamor for priority in their lives. If we were to take a random poll today, some would likely say that they desperately need employment or income. Others might name the healing of sickness as their prime requisite. Still others might put first a home, a family, or companionship. And others yet might cry out for justice or equity.

Mrs. Eddy was faced at various times with each of these needs. Because through such experiences she grew to understand the illimitability of deific provision and power, she could write in Science and Health, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." Science and Health, p. 494. Through the Science Mrs. Eddy discovered—Christian Science—God has met the needs of many.

Testimony of Healing
My parents were devoted Christian Scientists...
October 3, 1983

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